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An Affiliate of OAUG


Article I

Name of Organization

The Colorado Oracle Applications Users Group, also known as the Colorado OAUG and COAUG, is a not-for-profit organization.

Article II

Purpose & Objectives

Our purpose is to inform, collaborate, and educate our members on current and future Oracle Applications, while offering a forum for peers to share their experience and knowledge in the enterprise applications and internet technology realm.  Conferences will be conducted in regional meetings as scheduled and published on the Colorado OAUG website, in addition to OAUG Conference Point & Oracle Appsworld meetings, per year, to allow for a robust offering of programming to meet the requirements of our diverse membership.

Article III


The Colorado OAUG membership shall be made up of those individuals who have fulfilled the basic membership requirements of attending a Colorado OAUG meeting and are on the group's active mailing list. This GEO representing more than 500 members in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, is a volunteer group having no membership dues or paid officers. Members may include licensed users of Oracle Applications, prospective users evaluating Oracle Applications, consultants and vendors of products complementing Oracle Applications, and anyone wanting to know more about Oracle applications. All Meeting Attendees on the active Colorado OAUG mailing list may participate as voting members.

Membership is open to nearly anyone with an interest in Oracle Applications as detailed above, with the only exception being anyone whose occupation is that of a recruiter, headhunter, employment specialist, etc. These individuals shall not be permitted to participate on the Colorado OAUG Board of Directors, nor participate as a general attending member of the organization.

Geographic membership boundaries shall include Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. While states and cities outside of Colorado may have their own affiliated geographical user groups, individuals who are outside of Colorado are welcome to attend and become registered members of the geographically-based Colorado OAUG organization.

Each Member will be subject to and bound by the Colorado OAUG Code of Conduct and Ethics.  Any breach of The Code of Conduct and Ethics may provide grounds for action as defined by The Code. 

Article IV

OAUG Affiliation

In order to maintain its affiliation with the OAUG in good standing, the Colorado OAUG will:

  • Provide the OAUG with properly completed Group Affiliation Forms on an annual basis, or as required.
  • Promote OAUG Membership and ongoing relationship development between group members and OAUG.
  • Conduct group meetings of the Colorado OAUG in order to provide application and related technology education and knowledge sharing (The calendar for which will be published on the Colorado OAUG website)
  • Maintain group records and meeting minutes in accordance to set bylaws.

Article V

Requirements of Colorado OAUG Board of Directors

1.  Board of Director functions of the Colorado OAUG shall be distributed among the Directors, Co-Directors and Board Members-at-large, who will volunteer and get elected from the general membership. Elections shall be conducted every two years and to ensure continuity, only 50% of the Board positions will be open for re-election as their terms expire. All the elected Board members will serve in their positions for a four-year term. Any Board member (except the Chairperson) who was not re-elected may not participate on the Board in any capacity (including member-at-large) until the next election. The chairperson, if not re-elected, may continue to serve on the Board for an additional two years in the Past Chair position (without voting rights).

2.  The authorized number of Directors of Colorado OAUG shall be not less than five (5) and not more than fifty (50). The exact number of authorized Directors within the range stated in the previous sentence shall be fixed and may from time to time be changed by a resolution adopted by the Board of Directors. On the date of initial adoption of these Bylaws and until changed in accordance with these Bylaws, the number of Directors shall be six (6).

3.  The elected members shall distribute the functions of the Colorado OAUG Board of Directors during the first Board meeting after the elections. During this meeting, any newly elected member may be nominated or self-nominate for any position on the Board.  For contested positions, the members shall select the Director(s) to fill the nominated position by secret ballot. Uncontested positions may be filled by the nominee without the need for a vote on that position (subject to Article VI.5 below).

4.  No person may hold a position on the BOD whose affiliation is not in good standing.  Any person who has been subject to disciplinary action which has resulted in their membership being terminated, is currently under suspension or has been censured by Colorado OAUG shall not be considered in good standing.

5.  A document containing distinct director functions (see Addendum A) shall be kept to maintain continuity as board members change.  This document will remain dynamic and will contain a listing of both general and specific duties of the Board of Directors.  These responsibilities will be dynamic and can be shared among board members as required.

Article VI

Board Member Policies and Contingencies [as amended 11/09/2005]

1.  In the event of a vacancy on the Board by reason of death or resignation or dismissal, said position shall be filled by majority vote of the BOD for the balance of the term.

2.  Each Board member will be subject to and bound by the Colorado OAUG Code of Conduct and Ethics (The Code of Conduct).

3.  Any breach of the Code of Conduct may provide grounds for dismissal from the Board, as defined by the code.

4.  New volunteers who desire to participate as a member at large or to fill an open position outside of the election period may contact any BOD member.  That volunteer will then be proposed to the entire BOD during the next regularly scheduled meeting.  The candidate's election will then be determined via majority vote of the board (in accordance with issue voting guidelines).  The volunteer may then serve the remainder of the current term.

5.  New volunteers must be in good standing as defined in Article V.3 above.

Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics for Members of the Board of Directors and Members at Large

The purpose of a code of conduct is to confirm and uphold the mission of the Colorado OAUG and ensure a successful experience of its volunteers.  It is understood that members choose to dedicate their time and efforts to the organization for both professional and personal reasons.  By providing a Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics the Board may provide the framework from which the experiences of its volunteer members are constructive and beneficial both professionally and personally.

Article I

Code of Conduct for Members of the Board of Directors (Board Members)

1.  Board members must understand their specific roles and act on them.

2.  Board members need to be acutely aware of the relationship between the board, board members, users and interested companies the board interacts with.

3.  Under the auspices of the relationship between governing components, board members must respect delineation of responsibilities respecting the role of the membership, the role of the collective board and their individual board members' role in it.

4.  Board members must not make improper use of information acquired as a board member.

5.  Board members are responsible for conducting themselves, deliberations, decision-making, and their communications to other users and board members in a professional and respectful manner.

6.  While debate is essential and healthy, board members should always view their actions and decisions only in the context of the goals of the corporation.

7.  Board members must not allow personal interests, or the interests of any associated person, to conflict with the interests of the Colorado OAUG.

8.  Confidential information received by a board member in the course of the exercise of directorial duties remains the property of the Colorado OAUG or the person from which or whom it was obtained and it is improper to disclose it, or allow it to be disclosed, unless that disclosure has been authorized by the Colorado OAUG, or the person from whom the information is provided, or is required by law.

9.  Board Members' interactions with public, press, or other entities must recognize the lack of authority vested in individuals except when explicitly board-authorized and the inability of any board member to speak for the board except to repeat explicitly stated board decisions.

10.  Regular attendance to all meetings is required.  Members seeking an excuse from a meeting must submit their request in writing to the Chairman at least one day in advance of the scheduled meeting.

11.  Board of Directors (Board Members) members that fail to attend regular meetings of the board without a valid purpose/approval for 3 consecutive meetings, or fail to attend three regular meetings of the board in any twelve-month period, or otherwise fail to perform any of the duties devolving upon him/her as a board member, will be suspended.  At the discretion of the Executive Board, his/her office may be declared vacant and the vacancy filled as herein provided.  See Article IV.

12.  The board may remove any executive officer from office for failure to perform the duties thereof, after giving the officer reasonable notice.  See Article IV.

Article II

Code of Ethics for Colorado OAUG Members at Large and Members of the Board of Directors. Members and Board Members will:

1.  Act openly, honestly, in good faith and in the best interests of the Colorado OAUG as a whole.

2.  Exercise the care, diligence and skill of a reasonably prudent person under comparable circumstance.

3.  Ensure to enhance and maintain the reputation of Colorado OAUG.

4.  Comply with all policies, constitution and by-laws set out by Colorado OAUG.

5.  Strive to contribute toward the growth, stability and service the Colorado OAUG seeks to provide to its members and the user community.

6.  Respect the political process of the board of directors and the Colorado OAUG organization as a whole.

7.  Respect and contribute toward the building of a strong user community and board of directors.

8.  Act in the best interest and fulfill their fiduciary obligations to Colorado OAUG.

9.  Conduct themselves in a professional, courteous and respectful manner at all times.

10.  Promote cooperation, good relations, and bonds of friendship and mutual understanding among the membership and the board of directors.

11.  Demonstrate respect and tolerance toward other board members and all Colorado OAUG affiliated stakeholders, agents, private and public.

12.  Make available to and share with members and board members all information as may be relevant to ensure proper conduct and sound operation of Colorado OAUG.

13.  Understand and respect the need for a level of confidentiality relating to the affairs of the organization.

14.  Ensure that the level of service they provide is competent and unencumbered from any element which might undermine the goals, operation or achievements of Colorado OAUG.

Article III

Acceptance to be bound by the Code of Conduct and Ethics

By accepting membership or by serving on the board of directors, each member or board member agrees to be bound and governed by the Code of Professional Conduct as adopted by Colorado OAUG.

Article IV

Proceedings Related To Allegations of Non-Compliance or Misconduct

A violation of Colorado OAUG's code of professional conduct or ethics is grounds for censure, suspension and/or termination of Colorado OAUG membership and or participation on the board of directors. Upon receiving allegations that a Colorado OAUG member or board has violated provisions of Colorado OAUG's code of professional conduct or ethics from another Colorado OAUG member or board member, the Chairman and board shall do the following:

1.  Board Notification by Chairman. The Chairman shall notify board members that an allegation has been made and shall forward all background information provided. The Board will then determine (via conference call or email vote) if a board proceeding should be scheduled. (subject to majority  vote, exclusive of a single board member under consideration)

2.  Discussion at Board Meeting. If the Board determines a vote is required, the board shall schedule the matter for discussion and action at a regularly scheduled Colorado OAUG Board meeting or conference call or special meeting as required.

3.  Notice and Opportunity to Be Heard. The Chairman shall notify the delegate/member whose conduct is at issue of the fact and nature of the allegations, as well as the delegate/member's opportunity to provide the Board additional information relating to the allegations. Such notice shall occur at least one week prior to the Board Meeting at which the allegations will be discussed. The member may provide the Board information orally at the board meeting, or in writing at least 3 days prior to the Board meeting, at the discretion of the voting board.  If information is to be provided orally, after completion or excusal by the board the member will be excused from the proceedings.  In situations where the Board feels that conduct of a member is so egregious and further information is not required for deliberation "Notice and Opportunity to Be Heard" may be waived by the board -as voted by a majority of the board.

4.  Board Deliberation and Discussion. After considering all of the information received, the Board may, by a two thirds vote, do one of the following:

a.  Find that no violation occurred and continue the member or board members membership in good standing.

5.  Depending on the severity of the violation(s) the board may:

a.  Censure the member or board member and provide warning that any further acts of misconduct will result in suspension or termination, or

b.  Suspend membership for a specified period, or

c.  Terminate the membership.

Note:  Votes will be sent via email to the chairman and the parliamentarian for counting and dual confirmation, individual votes will not be revealed, only the results in summary.

d.  "Two Thirds Vote" shall be defined as being exclusive of any single board member, if that board member is under deliberation.  Abstentions will be removed from the calculation of total votes

e.  Censure, Suspensions and terminations shall be effective immediately.

Notice to Member. If the board determines that suspension or termination is appropriate, the parliamentarian will provide notice verbally or via email of its decision and the basis therefore to the member or board member.

Addendum A

List of Possible Board of Director Positions


  • preside over all activities of the group
  • provide direction and run monthly and quarterly meetings
  • act as the central point of contact between Co OAUG and OAUG
  • distribute information from OAUG and/or other geographical/topical SIGs

Vice Chairperson

  • assist the Chairperson as needed
  • in the absence of an incumbent, perform the duties of Presentation Director
  • in the absence of an incumbent, perform the duties of Meeting Facility Director
  • in the absence of an incumbent, perform the duties of Vendor Relations/Sponsorship Director
  • run meetings in the absence of the President


  • record and disseminate the meeting minutes of proceedings of the Co OAUG board
  • generate meeting agendas and send requests for meeting topics
  • schedule and send meeting invitations / announcements
  • in the absence of an incumbent, perform the duties of Education/Training Director
  • run meetings in the absence of the President and Vice President

Finance / Treasurer

  • responsible for receipt, maintenance and disbursement of all funds for the Co OAUG
  • perform all bookkeeping tasks related to
    • depositing collected cash
    • reimbursing individuals for expenses from available funds
    • keeping a running balance of the cash on hand
    • provide reports at monthly Board meetings
    • collect meeting fees at quarterly meetings
    • run meetings in the absence of the President, Vice President and Secretary


  • register Co OAUG members and maintain Co OAUG membership lists
  • register attendees for the quarterly meetings and maintain a sign-in sheet
  • answer questions regarding membership and meetings
  • manage membership drives and survey activity
  • provide reports at monthly Board meetings

Meeting Facility

  • work with member companies to secure meeting facilities
  • ensure that all required computers, monitors, projectors, and media equipment is available and functioning at the meeting site
  • provide receipts to Finance / Treasurer for all meeting fees
  • provide reports at monthly Board meetings


  • responsible for updating and maintaining the Colorado OAUG web site
  • maintain the web page to ensure that meeting notices and agendas are posted and that the information on the page is accurate and timely
  • monitor and enforce the rules for the Colorado OAUG listserv
  • provide reports at monthly Board meetings


  • design and develop quarterly newsletter
  • identify authors and topics for articles
  • research and include Oracle events, applications, and release topics that would be of interest to the membership community
  • research and include articles from the membership community on use and experiences with Oracle implementations, enhancements, upgrades, etc
  • ensure newsletter includes and is published in advance of all major events

Vendor Relations / Sponsorship

  • identify sponsors for quarterly meetings and assist them in preparations including food service
  • provide reports at monthly Board meetings


  • identify and schedule speakers and presenters for monthly and /or quarterly meetings and assist them in preparations including media equipment
  • determine topics of interest from the user group and identify speakers for those topics
  • coordinate speakers for quarterly meetings ensuring that they understand the meeting format and are clear on time allotments
  • provide reports at monthly Board meetings

Education / Training

  • identify education and training opportunities
  • maintain relationships with all Oracle application SIGS with ensure links to their websites are listed on the Co OAUG website
  • maintain library of documents and tools for training
  • establish templates, standards, and naming conventions for all training documentation
  • maintain and make available to all members specific articles, books, newsletters, manuals, tapes, videos, public domain software, and all other items that Colorado OAUG, in the sole discretion of the Board, wishes to make available to the members

Oracle Liaisons

  • shall be an employee of Oracle Corporation who has responsibilities associated with the focus of the geographic OAUG and is interested in the topics addressed by the group
  • act as a resource to Colorado OAUG by providing a direct contact within Oracle to obtain answers to questions or concerns related to Oracle Corporation and software
  • assist with obtaining Oracle resources to participate in meetings
  • provide overall support of the group functions from Oracle Corporation

OAUG GEO Coordinator

  • shall be an employee of Oracle Applications Users Group who has responsibilities associated with the focus of the geographic OAUG and is interested in the topics addressed by the group
  • act as a resource to Colorado OAUG by providing a direct contact within OAUG to obtain answers to questions or concerns related to Oracle Corporation and software

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